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Monday, April 29, 2013

Promoting Your Blog With Facebook

I had a Facebook account for a few years before ever actually using it.  However, when we started traveling between our vacation home in Florida and here in beautiful Ontario, Canada, I quickly realized that Facebook was an ideal way to keep in touch with our family and friends especially during the travel period.  There are numerous free Wi-Fi spots en route and it's free access at the airports we use.  One airport I think has now gone to pay per day but if you sit in one of their bars, it is still free access.  Anyway, we can keep the kids up to date as to where we are so they know we have safely arrived at that point in our destination.  Then when we arrive at our vacation home we have full internet service and free long distance in North America but Facebook is still a lot easier for certain things.  On that note, about a year ago, I set up a Facebook page for my most popular blog. 

You do not need a Facebook page for your blog in order to get your blog noticed on Facebook.  As long as you have a Facebook 'like' button on your blog, preferably after each post, a reader can like that post to share with their Facebook friends.  So, the simplest way to promote your blog with Facebook is to include the Facebook 'like' button.  A Facebook page takes blog promotion a step further.  You must have a personal Facebook account whether or not you are active to create a Facebook page.  This makes you the admin of your Facebook page.  From there, you can set up you page which is laid out Facebook style.  You can add your blog badge (125 x 125) as your Facebook page profile picture which differs from your personal profile picture.  You can add a cover photo as well.  The cover photo cannot have permanent words or encroach on anyone's copyright.  You can change the cover photo as often as desired either by uploading a new image or using one you have already uploaded.  Once your page is set-up you can invite friends who may invite their friends and so on.  At the same time, the Facebook 'like' button on your blog allows readers to follow you Facebook page as well. 

I only have 143 likes for my Facebook page but that is 143 folks that keep up to date with my blog via Facebook.  Just as with your personal account, you can post to your Facebook page including links to specific blog posts.  It is a great way to interact with your readers as well. 

Now it gets interesting and this is where Facebook can help.  You can promote a blog post simply by clicking on the promote and choosing the amount of money you want to spend.  I spent $5 to promote one post that resulted in 903 impressions and 39 clicks.  At 13 cents per click this is a bit pricey as far as advertising BUT out of those 39 clicks, I got two new followers to the page and I know they shared the link to both my blog and Facebook page because there is increased traffic coming from Facebook in my stats.  In addition to paying for blog post promotion there are other advertising options like bidding for clicks and getting more page likes.  Note that the bidding per clicks is clicks to your Facebook page not your blog so it is perfectly fine to use if you have Adsense on your blog.  By advertising your Blog's Facebook page, you are in essence advertising your blog so each advertising campaign should bring traffic to your blog which may increase readers to your blog.


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