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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Traffic Exhanges & Adsense

Traffic exchanges work on the principle that for every 2 sites you visit you receive one visit to your site in return.  There are variations to this but in general that is how they work.  If used in this manner, a webmaster or blogger can easily inflate the visits to their website or blog which is clearly against the TOS for Adsense.  One reason why BlogExplosion, ExposeYourBlog, Entrecard, CMFAds and Adgitize were destined for failure is all had elements of being a traffic exchange, a couple more so than others.  However, traffic exchanges can still be used by bloggers without violating the TOS for Adsense.

First, let's consider a traffic exchange.  As mentioned, it can be used to get traffic via mindless surfing which is time consuming, increases your bounce rate and has very poor reader retainership.  I'm not saying you can't gain a few loyal readers from using a traffic exchange but if you participated in any of the blog advertising networks mentioned above, how many readers do you still have from those networks?  An actual traffic exchange is not just about getting traffic.  It is about networking in order to make money.  To that end, traffic exchanges offer advertising opportunities that can be used without violating the TOS for Adsense.  They also allow you to buy traffic (against TOS for Adsense) and buy advertising (not against TOS for Adsense).

Be warned, if you use a traffic exchange as 2:1 for gaining visitors to your blog, it can be detected and Adsense may give a warning or suspend your account.  Do not use a traffic exchange for traffic from surfing!  Buying traffic may also get you into trouble with Adsense because you are artificially inflating your traffic.  Some traffic exchanges actually pay members to click on sites which is also against Adsense TOS.  At this point, you may decide that using a traffic exchange is more trouble than it is worth. 

Traffic exchanges offer banner and text ads as well as splash pages.  You can earn or buy credits to use for advertising with is not against Adsense TOS because there is no guarantee you will get any traffic at all from those ads.  If you do, chances are very good if the reader liked what they saw they will bookmark your blog then visit again through your link rather than through the traffic exchange.  If you choose to use advertising resources on a traffic exchange and use Adsense make sure it is one that does not pay members to surf.  Now, if you want to use a traffic exchange to build exposure and traffic for your blog without any possibility of violating Adsense TOS, here's what you do:

  • set up a page for your blog on Facebook
  • set up an account on Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
  • set up an account on the traffic exchange of your choice with you page link pointing to your Facebook blog page
  • Once a reader lands on your Facebook blog page, they can like that page which has a direct link to your blog if they so choose.  While the initial traffic comes from the traffic exchange the actual traffic to your blog comes from Facebook.  This is all perfectly legal so no problem with Adsense.  You can do the same with Pinterest and Twitter.  Make sure your blog url is in your profile then use a traffic exchange to point to your profile where the reader can click on it if desired.  Again the reader is finding your profile via the traffic exchange but traffic to your site comes from the url in your respective profile.
  • One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up a splash page.  This can be done for free on some traffic exchanges.  On the splash page, have your blog title or logo and some interesting text to get their interest, blog url but no clickable link to your blog.  Include any desired social media button with direct links to your profile.  This same splash page can be used across a number of traffic exchanges all bringing traffic to your respective profile which may get you traffic to your blog.


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