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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google May Penalize For Cross Linking Between Your Own Blogs

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article that started out saying that Google may penalize if you cross link between your own blogs.  While this may be the case, what Google really is saying is if you have a couple of blogs and occasionally do a natural link from one to another, there isn't a problem.  What they don't want is someone who has twenty blogs, consistently cross linking between them.  So, in my case where I author six blogs, it would be fine for me to link to one of them if blogging about a topic related to the that blog.  For example, a link to a tomato sauce recipe on my cooking blog from my gardening blog if I were discussing tomatoes on my gardening blog and mentioned a particular variety was ideal for making a sauce would be acceptable.  Also acceptable is something to the effect 'I also author' or 'Author of' and links to your other blogs in the sidebar which would by search engine standards result in one link to each of your other blogs similar to a blog roll.  What is not unacceptable is excessive cross linking especially those cross links that are not natural.

Back when I first started blogging a little over seven years ago, it was a common practice for those bloggers interested in making money from their blogs to set up a number of blogs.  Excessive cross linking was widely done even though it likely wasn't acceptable back then either.  My youngest blog is almost five years old and yet despite authoring six blogs, I seldom link between them.  I have links to each in the sidebar but other than than there are very few times I will make a link from one of my blogs to another.  So, for me excessive cross linking between my blogs is a non-issue but for those who do, they may find themselves penalized.


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