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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Promoting a Blog with Contests

A couple of years ago when I was active in the now defunct blog advertising networks and visiting a multitude of blogs on a daily basis, I noticed some bloggers used contests as a way to promote their blogs.  I'm not sure how this method of promotion worked for them but at the time I set the notion aside.  Back in March I was offered an opportunity to run a sponsored contest on one of my blogs.  The sponsor supplied the giveaway and was responsible for sending the gift to the winner.  All I had to do was blog about the contest and determine a winner.  I was rather impressed at the results with 60 comments on that one post.  Oh sure, it's not near as many comments as some bloggers get but I thought it was rather good.  That post brought me rather good traffic as well as a few Facebook likes.  So the results were good!

I'm running another contest on the same blog this month.  This time I am sponsoring the giveaway myself.  It isn't an expensive giveaway at a value of $10 but it is on topic for the blog.  So far, that post has 6 comments and it is only a couple of days old with the contest ending on May 29 giving plenty of time for more comments. 

I think contests or giveaways may be a good promotional tool for certain niche blogs. It is an excellent way to advertise if used correctly.  The only way to determine if they are beneficial for your blog is to try running a couple.  In order to run a successful contest, here are a few things I consider:

  • the prize - The prize should fit the blog niche (eg. cookbook for cooking blog).  Keep the prize small for ease and cost of shipping or have the item shipped directly to the winner from where you buy it online.
  • sponsorship - You can buy the gift yourself and take care of all the details.  An alternative is to find a sponsor to supply the gift for the giveaway.  Both will take time and effort on your part however, getting a sponsor may actually gain you more in the terms of future sponsorships and support for your blog.  These sponsorships can lead to future opportunities with the sponsors.
  • the details - Clearly outline the details of the contest like who is eligible, contest end date and what the reader has to do to have a chance to win.
  • length of time- Allow enough time for the actual contest.  Two to three weeks is sufficient.  Then allow time for the winner to reply once contacted.  Forty-eight hours should be sufficient.  At that time, if you don't hear from the winner, choose another and notify them.  
  • promote the contest - Promote the contest via social media.


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