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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Duplicate Content

Right from my beginning blogging days, I knew that duplicate content was frowned up.  In fact, the now defunct blog advertising networks that I participated in warned against duplicate content in their forums.  Other bloggers blogged about not using duplicate content.  However, it quickly became apparent that not all duplicate content is viewed in the same light by the search engines.  Duplicate content is detrimental to search engines because it is the same and that redundancy does not make for a successful search engine.  The three main areas of concern with respect to duplicate content and blogs and their relationship with search engines  are: text, images, and videos.  Duplicate content such as design, layout, widgets and even advertising is not so much of a problem with search engines but rather more of a problem for readers who really don't enjoy reading ten blogs all with the same design, colours and layout even though the content differs.  Any blogger needs to be aware of the ramifications of duplicate content, especially that content that could have an effect on search engine results.

In the past couple of weeks there has been a bit of buzz with how stock photos are perceived by search engines especially Google and whether Google was penalizing those using stock photos.  A stock photo is one in which you a license to use it.  I haven't used stock photos and I don't think they are popular with bloggers due to the cost of the license.  Let's say 10 licenses are sold for one particular photograph.  If that photograph is displayed on ten blogs with no further content regarding the photograph, then it is duplicate content.  If however, it is displayed on ten blogs with each adding unique text and/or different alt tags then the stock photograph while the same is not viewed as duplicate content.  In reality, this applies to any free graphic or video that you have on your blog that you do not own the copyright to.