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Monday, July 22, 2013

An Over Zealous Commentor

There are days I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I open up the comments awaiting moderation on my blogs.  Today was priceless.  A reader had left a comment on one of my blogs, actually more of a question to which I had given the appropriate response.  The blog post, comment and response are about five years old so I was surprised to even get another comment on it.  At any rate this commentor went to great lengths to compose a response that in all honesty could have been used as an actual blog post itself.  The person used their Blogger ID so the link went to their profile that was established in 2011.  The only oddity was he or she did not author a blog and only followed one blog but really neither surprise me.  Quite often someone will start a Blogger account, set up a blog and later set the blog to private or delete it for whatever reason.  They still have the account but no associated blog until if and when they set up another blog.  At any rate it was a good effort on the part of the commentor even though I did not allow it to be posted.  My main concern was the comment was actually lifted from someone's blog and with copyright infringement issues you can't be too careful these days.


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