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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Shortly after starting to blog I came across memes.  They were kind of cute so I started participating in Wordless Wednesday and Blog Your Blessings Sunday on my personal blog.  I started two regular features on my cooking blog, Frugal Kitchens 101(Mondays) and Kitchen Quick Tips (Thursdays).  These types of regular features really helped to organize my blogging and ensure that new content appeared on two of my blogs each week without much effort.  The reason being, the topics were very focused so writing posts were fairly easy.  If I was on a roll, I could easily write a couple months worth of the Kitchen Quick Tips or Wordless Wednesday posts in an afternoon then schedule them to go live on the desired days.  The nice thing about using these types of posts is I could easily keep new content appearing on my blogs on a regular basis without a lot of effort.

I have been in a funk mentally and physically since the end of 2012 which really has affected the amount of blogging I have been doing.  However, I think a big part of the blogging funk has been blogging burn-out combined with a bit of disillusionment.  I greatly reduced posting on my personal blog including the regular posts and it became a struggle to even keep up with the regular featured posts on my cooking blog.  Yesterday, I realized part of the problem was getting into a rut with the regular featured posts.  I've been doing the same themed featured posts for so long that they have become almost boring to write and a challenge to find a new spin on the same topic.  So, it's time to make a few changes!

First, I am going to bring back the Wordless Wednesday posts on my personal blog.  I'm going to reduce the Frugal Kitchens 101 to the first Monday of each month on my cooking blog.  I'll keep the Kitchen Quick Tips on Thursdays.  The challenge now is to come up with a couple of ideas for regular features for my cooking blog to cover the three Mondays that would have had Frugal Kitchens 101 posts and I may possibly introduce another regular featured post, something like Sunday Delights or On the Grill.  I'm excited at the prospect of change.  I think it will be a bit of a boost for my cooking blog.  At the same time, hopefully I can get back into more routine posting on my personal blog.  Then there are the other blogs to consider...


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