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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Creativity Run Amuck

Back in the hay day of my blog hopping, I would visit over three hundred blogs a day.  That meant I had the great pleasure to see a lot of different blogging designs and styles.  Most blogs were utilitarian to cutesy with easy to read font.  Then there were the for lack of a better word, borderline bizarre.  These blogs featured dark in colour and/or meaning backdrops often with neon colour fonts and then some.  Some of these blogs liberally used the eff bomb as a form of expression, pretty much in every sentences and you really had to give them credit for some of the creative derivatives of the eff bomb they were capable of coming up with.  Others displayed graphic images or videos, while others yet made a point of telling in graphic detail every aspect of their bodily functions sprinkled with their somewhat strange but almost non-existent lifestyle.  In short, these blogs were not pleasing on the eye or calming to the soul, and they certainly were not a pleasure to read.  There is a fine line between freedom of expression and being obnoxious.  These blogs were downright obnoxious. 

I don't do near the blog hopping I used to.  Still, it has been a couple of years since I ran into one of the obnoxious blogs.  Perhaps they realized their style was turning away readers or it became too much of a burden to continue in that style.  Perhaps they changed their style in the hope of attracting more advertisers.  At any rate, I've noticed their absence. 


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