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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh That Sinking Feeling!

Since I have been blogging less, I have not been as attentive to my blogs' stats.  I was applying for a sponsorship today that asked for the number of unique visitors per month on that particular blog.  I opened Statcounter and my heart dropped!  There was an unbelievable dip in traffic on my most popular blog that is still seeing for the most part daily posts.  I immediately panicked thinking that perhaps my blog had been dropped from one or more search engines.  After I started breathing again, I started checking.  I opened Google Analytics.   My traffic was right where it should be.  In fact, according to Google Analytics, my traffic is increasing.  What a relief!  So, I went back to Statcounter and noticed a couple of changes.  There is now an 'i' in a blue circle by the browser if it is a search engine bot which means they were doing a bit of tweaking at Statcounter.  You can click on the 'i' to block these visits from showing in your stats now.  This is a new feature.  I'll leave it so I can see when the search engine bots visit to give me a quick visual and reassurance they are still indexing my blog.  Now that I've had my bit of excitement, back to blogging...


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