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Saturday, September 14, 2013

No Explanation Needed!

I've been blogging now for over seven years and in the blogosphere, that is a fairly long time.  From the beginning with the exception of a brief period of time where I turned off comments, the comments have been moderated for all of my blogs.  This has been a challenging year for my blogging so perhaps I am just noticing the comments more or perhaps the fact that spammers aside some folk are just plain rude. 

My blogs are an extension of me.  They are my creation and I will do with them as I choose.  My philosophy is my blog, my rules.  I do not feel a need to explain to anyone why I have a particular policy in place or why I did not approve their comment.  That should be a fairly easy concept but apparently it is not one some demanding readers understand.  Seriously, who do these folks think they are? 


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