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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whatever Happened to the Blog Directories?

Seven years ago when I started blogging, blog directories were all the rage.  It seemed like they were a dime a dozen.  The now defunct blog advertising networks encouraged their members to get their blogs listed in as many directories as possible.  The premise was that these directories would not only give a backlink to your blog but drive traffic to it as well.  At the time, getting into blog directories was just one more task for bloggers to do that in the end would prove futile.   The reality is, the blog directories didn't bring the promised traffic and ended up hurting bloggers who left links to them once they went under.  [Note to self, check any remaining blog directory links.]

In all honesty, if someone were searching for a particular blog or topic discussed on a blog, it was then and still is today a lot quicker to simply do a search.  Even then, the blog directories were of little use to bloggers.  Some of them made ridiculous demands as part of allowing your blog into their elite directory which really was only a bunch of hype.  The blog directories simply cashed in on the blogging boom.  The more bloggers they had in their directories the more powerful they appeared but in reality these directories were making money off of bloggers.  More bloggers in their directory made them more appealing to advertisers.  They got paid by the advertisers thinking that they would see results for their advertising dollars.  In the end, both bloggers and advertisers were left high and dry while the owner of the directory walked away with at best a bit of pocket change.