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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Promoting Your Blog With Facebook

Facebook is all the rage so like many, I created a page for one of my blogs and am in the process of creating one for another.  The beauty of Facebook is that it encourages communication between the blog author and readers that is not hindered by comment moderation.  In most cases this can be a real asset.  Should a problem arise where a reader insists on leaving negative, derogatory or other nuisance comments on your blog's Facebook page, you can easily report the user for harassment, block them and remove the comments.  In short, a Facebook page greatly enhances the communication for readers without hindering the control over content for the blogger.  There are several ways to promote your blog with Facebook.

First, be sure you have a Facebook button on your blog so readers can easily click like to follow you on the Facebook page you created.  Encourage readers to ask questions and comment on your Facebook page.  This is as easy as adding a short blurb on your blog or even a post.  While your Facebook page should be about your blog, it does not need to be exclusively about your blog.  It is fine to share other information that relates to your blog.  If you write a blog post you want to get a bit more attention, post the URL to your Facebook page.  This will give a thumbnail and link to your post.  That will draw immediate attention to the post from those who like your Facebook page.  Next, if you really want to promote your blog in general or a specific post, you can do paid targeted advertising within your budget.  My experience with this method has been quite positive gaining not only likes for my blog's Facebook page but also traffic to the blog.  Likes tend to spread amongst friends as well, something to keep in mind. 

When you sign on to Facebook, you have the option of using the site as yourself or as one of your pages.  Click to use Facebook as your blog's page.  Now, do a search to find a few pages that mesh with your page.  In most cases, these will be the Facebook pages of sites you have mentioned on your blog.  Like their page.  Be careful with this one as you want to keep the likes to only pages that mesh with your blog meaning some Facebook pages while as funny as all get out may not be the best places to promote your blog.  As you read through their page, you can like posts or leave comments.  Both actions will done as your page so if another reader clicks the like it will take them to your Facebook page.  From there, the reader may or may not like your Facebook page if what they see interests them and most will check out your blog so you might gain a few new readers that way along with an increase in traffic.  When liking posts or comments and commenting on another Facebook page be sure not to spam!  You can also share posts of interest from other Facebook pages on your page which will get the attention of the owner of the page you are sharing leading to more traffic.

All the way around, Facebook is one of the few blog promotion tools that actually does work.  It's basically free promotion as well unless you use paid ads to promote with are optional.  I have had excellent results promoting using an occasional $5 promotional ad that reaches 700+ based on their likes.  You only pay per post engagement so the $5 can last awhile while gaining a bit of exposure for your page.  At first I was skeptical but I am quite impressed with the traffic I am getting from Facebook!