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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another New Year...

And so it begins, another new year waiting to unfold.  I found it a frustrating struggle for blogging in 2013.  Part of that came from feeling alone in the blogosphere as a result of the demise of the blog advertising networks.  Part of it came from making three major life changing decisions in my personal life.  In fact, a good part of the frustration with blogging was likely a direct result of the changes.  Mind you, I am very dedicated to the changes made because of the personal growth.  That in itself is priceless!  The question remains as to whether I can recapture the magic of blogging.

When I first started blogging almost eight years ago, it was new and exciting.  The creative element aside of writing was enticing!  It was a challenge to create my own blogging graphics which really meant learning how to use Photoshop and Image Ready.  It meant doing the research, tweaking HTML and learning ways to make my blogs visually appealing.  Then blogging quickly became a social activity with the blog advertising networks of which I was very active in three, later abandoning one in favour of another but one by one they folded.  Suddenly, the blog hopping and forum participation was down to nothing!  At the same time, I was very active in several other forums and special interest groups. 

For me, my blogging relationship in 2013 was very much akin to the proverbial 7 Year Itch in a marriage.  The seventh year of marriage is one at risk of failure because one or both becomes discontent in the marriage and not necessarily due to actual problems but because of lack of excitement and boredom.  It didn't help that we increased our time at our vacation home in 2013 to three months split over three trips, the perfect distraction from blogging.  Oh the time gave plenty of blog fodder, just hit and miss for actual blogging or so I convinced myself.  Seriously there were 15 million distractions in 2013 but in all honesty those distractions were there right from my blogging beginner days, just they affected me differently.

I'm looking forward to 2014 and recapturing some of that blogging magic.  I'm not making any promises but one thing is for certain...I'm not giving up blogging any time soon.  Bring on 2014!


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