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Monday, January 6, 2014

Changing How to Monetize a Blog

When I first started monetizing my blogs, I followed one the two examples set by fellow bloggers.  Essentially, bloggers were monetizing their blogs by displaying and writing paid posts.  I didn't get into the paid posts and glad I didn't as they quickly were looked down on by other bloggers.  Like many, my introduction into monetizing my blogs was with Adsense.  I've used other advertising networks in addition to Adsense.  The biggest problem with networks like Adsense aside of all their rules and regulations is they don't pay much.

Back in 2010, the blog advertising networks (eg. Entrecard, Adgitize, CMFAds) were all the rage.  They networks popularized the 125 x 125 badge although they did offer banner advertising as well.  Somewhere along the line and if I recall correctly, it was through the Entrecard system, running your own 125 x 125 advertising was encouraged.  This put the selling and displaying of ads directly with the blogger effectively sidestepping the middleman.  If you sold advertising space for $10, you kept the entire $10.  What that led to was the bloggers so interested in making money they set up splogs filled with networks and private ads.  It was hard to find the post for the ads.  That was about the time I started simplifying, pulling advertising off my blogs leaving just enough for a bit of income to cover my internet costs.  It was also about the same time, tweeting for money came to be. 

Fast forward to today.  I love the cleaner look of not running a lot of ads on my blogs so aside of a few Adsense units across my blogs, I stick to the direct sales of ads.  Things have changed a lot though.  While it has always been true that you need the traffic to earn money from the networks, it really isn't true for the private ads.  It's about exposure.  If the buyer gets a little traffic they are elated.  Quite often the private ads are not by bloggers either.  It's normal to have a company buy a year's worth of advertising for a spot on one of my blogs.  However, displaying ads is not the only way to make money with a blog these days.  There is selling your brand AND in my opinion that is where the real money lies in blogging!


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