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Monday, March 31, 2014

Spammers Making Multiple Attempts to Comment

Some spammers don't understand the concept of comment moderation.  Over the past week, a spammer has tried several times to get a comment posted on one of my blogs.  I kid you not, the first round of attempts numbered seven.  The second round was only four.  Now, it gives me a bit of pleasure thinking of some moronic spammer wasting their time, shaking their head and freaking out because they know they hit the publish button but their comment is not visible.  Frantically, they repeat the process.  Then again and again until finally they collapse in a heaping pile of frustration that their comment has not been published.  If only that were the case.  Sadly, it is likely a bot making comment attempts set up to try a certain number of times then move on to the next blog.  If successful, multiple spam comments will appear on that blog until the blogger notices but these days with so many abandoned blogs, the comments may stand for eternity.  This is all the more reason to keep comment moderation on your blog!


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