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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dealing With Inappropriate Comments and Those Who Make Them

I quickly learned that allowing comments on my blog would result in undesirable comments at times.  These comments fall under two categories - spammers and inappropriate.  Readers of blogs are usually familiar with unmoderated and moderated groups.  Anything goes on unmoderated groups like usenet although certain things can get the poster into hot water with their ISP.  That meant an abundance of usenet trolls and folks who thought they could be as offensive as possible under the guise of anonymity.  Moderated groups and forums attempted to circumvent the problems of unmoderated groups.  Moderators would watch the posts, screening out spam and problems before they started.  If a poster proved themselves they would be unmoderated only to be reigned in if they started causing a problem.  When blogging came onto the scene, the general consensus was allowing comments would help the blog traffic grow.  However, it quickly became apparent that if you cared about quality comments, comment moderation was a must.

Comment moderation doesn't stop the spammers or inappropriate comments, it only stops those types of posts from going live without being approved first.  Some readers, feel it is their right to make whatever comment they want on a blog WITHOUT realizing that commenting is a privilege not a right.  They have no problem trying to attack or provoke other commenters or the blogger themselves.   They have no problem being rude, nasty or threatening.  If comment moderation is in place which it should be, these types of posters will in many cases escalate leaving multiple comments because they don't see their original comment posted.

Bloggers DO NOT have to tolerate this type of behaviour on their blogs.  You, the blogger, own your blog so ultimately it becomes a 'your blog, your rules'.  Keep comment moderation turned on.  In most cases, after a few attempts, they will move on to greener pastures simply because they have no idea whether their comments are even being seen by the blogger or simply filtered to the trash.  In the event a reader becomes rude, nasty or threatening they can be reported to their ISP.  This type of behaviour is against most AUP and TOS so their ISP will act on the complaint.   If it persists, you can block their IP from accessing your blog.  If the person is targeting only one or two posts, turn off commenting on those posts until the problem is resolved.  You can also turn off commenting for your entire blog if the problem is severe but in most cases you shouldn't have to do this.  At no time should you ever engage in a battle of words with them or communicate directly with them via email or otherwise.  Remove your contact information on your blog so the only way they can communicate with you is through the blog commenting system. 

Keep in mind that the comments are from someone seeking attention so don't take it personally.  If they don't get a response from you they will quickly move on to somewhere that they will get attention.  It is just a matter of carrying on as usual without giving them the satisfaction of attention. 


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