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I'm so glad you stopped by and hope you find this blog an interesting read. I've been blogging since April of 2006, currently the author of six public and two private blogs. In the beginning I knew absolutely nothing about blogging. Over the years through trial and error, frustration and elation, and a few tears I've learned a lot. However, the learning process when it comes to blogging continues to evolve. Here you will find a hodge podge of my blogging experiences, useful codes and how-tos, sprinkled liberally with my opinions. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rekindling the Fire

My blogging has been hit or miss since the new year.  Call it a case of major blogger's block or perhaps I'm simply losing interest in blogging, but whatever it is, my blogs won't survive much longer without new content.  The reality is, content is king when it comes to blogging.  So today, I'm picking up a bit of the blogging creativity and starting again in the hopes the shear act of starting will rekindle the fire.  And so it begins...