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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Page Rank is Dead

When I started blogging in 2006, Google's Page Rank was a huge deal.  This was a ranking system that gauged how good a blog was based on where it appeared in the search results.  A page rank of 10 was excellent while a page rank of 4 which is what the majority of personal blogs could hope for was fair.  The worst rank was NR meaning either Google had stripped the blog of its page rank or the blog was too new to gain attention from Google.  Both meant the blog was not showing in search results.   Every blogger had the page rank badge on their blog and they did whatever it took to increase page rank even if it meant resorting to dubious methods.  Advertisers actually chose whether or not to advertise on a blog based on its page rank.  If you had a good page rank then you had a better chance of attracting the advertisers that would pay so you would end up making more money from your blog.  If you didn't have a good page rank, some advertisers would not advertise on your blog even if you had high traffic. 

Google  then announced that they would be penalizing blogs that tried to manipulate the page rank system.  Bloggers were also penalized through dead, bad or undesirable links including those in comments as they basically created a hole in their page rank. Bloggers being concerned over this change either refuse to take exchange links with what they saw as undesirable websites so essentially were masking the natural linking process.  The problem with links has always been that the blogger can only control accepting that link, not what the link eventually points to.  Content can easily change or the link go dead without you knowing so that made a lot of extra work for bloggers who had to constantly check links or risk a fall in page rank. 

The quality of links still of concern however with page rank gone it opens the door to being a bit more laid-back with the links.  While you still don't want to link to sites contrary to the TOS for any advertising you are running or sites that promote certain activities or products, there is no longer the problem of linking to a good blog with great content that compliments yours but only has a page rank of 1.  Now you can simply link to it.  More importantly with the demise of page rank it means there is less concerned over where your blog is going to fall when somebody clicks on the search engine and more emphasis on producing quality blog posts.

Basically what this is done has taken blogging into a level where you're concerned about the quality of the post less concerned about search engine results, specifically Google search engine results.  There have always been a number of search engines and yet Google was the only one that apparently counted with some bloggers.  There has been a growing concern over tracking via search results so there has been a movement away from using Google search which tracks your every movement to search engines like Duck Duck Go that protects your privacy with no tracking.  If you concentrate on good content the other search engines going to include your blog in their search results. 


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